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Ten years ago, a patient at Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago became a medical celebrity by manipulating a prosthetic arm simply by willing its movements. The technology behind that breakthrough has vastly improved and now it’s on the market, sold by a Chicago startup with exclusive rights from the institute to commercialize it.

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“All you need to do is go sit on the sidelines of any field in any suburb or town in the country and you’ll see examples of parents trying to push their kids in the direction that they wish they had gone or hope their kid can go in,” said Craig Garfield, attending pediatrician and associate professor at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. And yet, Garfield and other experts say that parents have a limited say in whether their child becomes a world-class athlete in a particular sport. Garfield said that so much about who a child is and what they’ll become is based on their wiring, and that a boy may be built to play football but end up wanting to be an engineer. “Our job as parents is to just love the child that we’ve got and support them in the direction they are going in,” Garfield said.

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A study from Northwestern University found that workers who were exposed to natural light slept better and longer, felt more inclined to exercise, and reported better overall quality of life. So if you’re working at a cubicle situated far from a window, try stepping outside for a few minutes in the morning, or moving to a workspace where there’s ample natural light.

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The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association examined 2014 medical claims and found that women are 27 percent less likely than men to get angioplasties to open clogged arteries and are 38 percent less likely to undergo coronary bypass surgery.

While the report released Tuesday presents only a one-year snapshot, “it’s scary data,” said Dr. Marla Mendelson, medical director of the program for women’s cardiovascular health at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago.